Thursday, February 13, 2020

Marine Ship Yard Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marine Ship Yard - Research Paper Example It has negative impacts on many shipbuilding companies and counties around the world due to the biggest overcapacity of shipyards such as the far greater supply of fleet that it requires by the market (Mickeviciene). In order to meet the market and business success Western Marine Shipyard must consider that different countries have many nationalities that help the company to bring new ideas and ways to enhance the continuous strive to business success. Employees should be empowered in order to seek new opportunities, innovate and build an efficient working environment that is professional and positive for all. Western Marine Shipyard team members undergo intensive training to have a quality service and produce highly products and, the company considers it is a career, a great opportunity to work among the best personnel, receive the support needed to the make good decisions and deliver the best outcomes. This will carry out into the different branches around the world. In terms its benefits and financial impact, the recommendation will hit hard the shipyards. The primary challenge is in the industry is intermediate financing and this challenge having direct impact on the industrys production cos t, quality and growth. On the positive note the government should support its shipbuilding industry. The western Marine shipyard will be continually challenged with inconsistencies/contradiction - deal with the changes because the management is the integrating force within the organization’s activities. Whenever two or more individual works together in order to achieve a common goal, they have to communicate or coordinate their activities or programs. The employees also should be organized and maximize their resources in such way as to optimize the outcomes. The company will face with the challenge to manage both stability and change within organizations in the future. This has been evident in the story of

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